Hui-a-Tau & Scientific Conference 2014 - Report


The Maarire Goodall Award

The Maarire Goodall Award acknowledges and honours’ long service and unrecognised commitment to Māori health by a Māori health worker.

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2014 Recipient - Hon. Tariana Turia


Te Ngakau Ora Award

Te Ngakau Ora award was established by Te ORA in honour of the late Dr Paratene Ngata. The Award recognizes
those who have given a high level of service, mentorship and support to Māori doctors and medical students.

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2014 Recipient - Dr Lillian Fraser 


Te Oranga - Ngā Rangatira Matahīapo Award

Te Oranga - Ngā Rangatira Matahīapo Award recognises the Māori doctors of the past who paved the way and the
current doctors who continue to contribute to our learning.

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2014 Recipient - Dr Jade Tamatea













Whangaehu Marae, Whanganui - Mahuru 2014

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CONFERENCE THEME - He toka tū moana, arā he toa rongonui - Courage and strength in advocating for Hauora Māori 

The whakataukī refers to strength of character in the face of adversity, ‘like a rock that stands in raging waters’. It celebrates the principled stance that the Hon. Tariana Turia has taken on many issues while in Parliament, from the Foreshore and Seabed debate to promoting the vision of a smoke-free Aotearoa. The theme of our conference speaks to the need to ‘stand strong’ in the face of adverse social, political, economic and environmental circumstances in order to advance Māori health and wellbeing. It reminds us of the importance of having a clear vision and a strong set of values to guide our mahi. 

Sub Themes 

The three sub-themes relate to challenging and often contentious kaupapa, which Te ORA believes are important to engage with during our scientific meeting. Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations relating to one of the following sub-themes: 

1) Tamariki Ora 

Māori child health remains an important challenge, with stark inequalities between Māori children’s health and the health of other children in Aotearoa. There is increasing concern about child poverty, which is an important factor driving the unacceptable health outcomes experienced by Māori, both tamariki and pākeke. Because of the ongoing medical and political importance of tamariki ora, submissions are encouraged on developing innovative solutions in relation to child poverty and other determinants of child health. 

2) Whānau Ora 

Health inequities are strongly shaped by social inequities, and the sub-theme of Whānau Ora reflects the importance of thinking about and addressing health at a collective level. We invite submissions that consider population health, including issues and solutions at the level of whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori communities. 

3) Ora Taiao 

Human health is dependent on the health of our physical environments, and environmental phenomena increasingly threaten the health of human populations, including Māori. Environmental degradation can result in risks to health in a variety of ways, and global problems such as climate change have the potential to exacerbate existing health inequities. We invite submissions that address environmental determinants of health and seek to enhance Ora Taiao. 

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